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Deep Learning in NLP
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Nowadays, deep learning provides state-of-the-art techniques for many NLP problems. In this course, students gain a thorough introduction into the Neural Networks, RNN, Transformers. The requirements of this course are complete quizzers, practical assignments and a final project.
Week 1 / Word Vector Representations
Week 2 / Neural Networks. Backpropagation
Week 3 / Neural Networks. Initialization and Normalization
Week 4 / Neural Networks. Optimization
Week 5 / Recurrent Neural Networks and Language Models
Week 6 / Vanishing Gradients, Fancy RNNs
Week 7 / Convolutional Networks for NLP
Week 8 / Translation, Seq2Seq, Attention
Week 9 / Question Answering
Week 10 / Natural Language Generation
We're recording some of our lectures, so that you can review them in your own time.
DL in NLP Spring 2020
DL in NLP Spring 2019