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Lidia Ostyakova / Enrolled in the staff
Project: Speech Functions
Internship period: February-March 2021
A little bit about your background
In my bachelor's and master's degrees, I studied Computational Linguistics, and my topic was related to discourse, but from a humanitarian point of view.

Why did you choose an internship at DeepPavlov?
I was interested in dialog systems, so I chose DeepPavlov among the internships offered in the master's program. Moreover, I really liked the field of the internship, as it was related to the discourse.

Your impressions of the internship
When I arrived, everything was new to me. The tasks seemed impossible, because I did them from scratch. There was no data, no examples, there was only Danila's help and his idea. I am really glad that I was able to train the classifier, and now I continue to work on this topic as a DeepPavlov researcher.

Your career plans
I wanted to be a scientist, and the internship was the start of my scientific career at DeepPavlov. The topic of the internship eventually became the topic of the Master's thesis, and then the topic of the future dissertation.

GitHub: lostyakova
Internship tasks
I tried to classify the statements in the dialogue based on the intentions of the speakers. The tasks were as follows: studying the literature on the topic, searching for data for markup, marking up dialogs, training various classification models, analyzing the results.

Your internship results
I can say that dealing with such a complex topic is already a great achievement. Unfortunately, it was not possible to achieve a good classification quality, but I managed to complete a whole cycle of work from scratch on this task.

Published articles:
1) Corpus with Speech Function Annotation: Challenges, Advantages, and Limitations
2) Discourse-Driven Integrated Dialogue Development Environment for Open-Domain Dialogue Systems
3) DREAM Technical Report for the Alexa Prize 4