Be the first to try a brand new demo of DeepPavlov Library!
We want to inform you on how we would like to see your applications development.
Get familiar with what we propose:
  • Go through our Ideas pages and learn what we're interested in
  • Find our docs and code examples regarding the component that you found interesting from Ideas pages
  • Learn how the component organizes in the DeepPavlov components hierarchy: Library component, Agent component or smth else
Understand how could you contribute:
Writing your GSOC application
Learn More About
Ideas and Issues
Read all DeepPavlov Ideas and Issues, include our Ideas for Internships.
Learn More About DeepPavlov
Learn core DeepPavlov features and give them a try.
Prepare Proposal Draft
When working on your proposal, consider having a plan for each week.
Use Proposal Template.
Create GH Issue For Your Idea
Once you have a vision of what your GSoC contribution could be, raise an Issue containing a summary of your vision. If your Issue follows the Idea we already listed, mention (via hashtag|link) all the relevant issues.
Do I need to accomplish a coding challenge to get accepted?

No, but coding challenges are probs the best way to get in touch with mentors.

The only things you *need* are:
  • find a mentor
  • write a proposal
  • submit a proposal
Other USeFUL tips
  • Clone DeepPavlov
    Clone version of the
    Library | Agent | Dream | DFF | DF SDK | DF Designer from GitHub
  • Analyze Our Releases
    Go through our latest releases and see which parts of the codebase are more likely to be affected by your contributions
  • Explore a Code
    Learn to use your cloned version of the
    Library | Agent | Dream | DFF | DF SDK | DF Designer
  • Ask Questions
    Ask Technical questions via Our Telegram Group
Here you can find our Top Contribution Areas with the corresponding GSoC Proposal Ideas. See the ideas.
Proposal Template
List your skills and give evidence of your qualifications. Convince us that you can do the work.
E-mail address and Telegram login:
GitHub account:

Include a proposal, including:
  • a title;
  • potential mentor GitHub login;
  • reasons why Google and DeepPavlov should sponsor your work;
  • a detailed work plan (including, if possible, a schedule with weekly milestones and deliverables).
NOTE: List any non-Summer-of-Code plans you have for the Summer, especially employment, if you are applying for internships, and class-taking. Be specific about schedules and time commitments. We would like to be sure you have at least 15 hours a week to develop project.