What is DREAM ?
Meet the Dream TEAM: Our journey to Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge
We are a DREAM TEAM of passionate people who are the CREATORS of the AI technology you will soon see. We are a team from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology selected to compete in the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge 3.
Hey! My name is Lara! I'm a master of the first year of MIPT and I'm a CMO of the Dream Team. It's quite a new experience for me! And I'm glad that I have such an opportunity, to represent a cool team for you that is involved in a serious world-class project. My task is to talk of all the team activities in social networks. As they have to face different situations during the project, the support of followers will always motivate them.

Let's start again with the title of our team. Surely you had to wonder why we chose such a team name. And the answer will be quite simple. We are all dreamers at heart, agreed? The dream is the engine of realization of our ideas. It's something perfect that we want to achieve. And it was this project that inspired us to make dreams and ideas a reality! Each of the participants has its own specific goal, motivation. But we have one thing in common! It is the desire to make a voice assistant that will be "perfect" in every sense of the word.
Isn't it cool when you are given the opportunity to expand and improve socialbot features. After all, this socialbot will be used by the whole world. More precisely it will speak. Yes, just like a friend. And we are certainly proud that Alexa is acquiring new communication skills every day! Our team believes in this and therefore works 100%.

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10 DEC / 2019