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It seems AI has got a "sweetheart"...

Valentine's Day, the most romantic holiday, is celebrated in most countries of the world on February 14. This day for more than one and a half thousand years, people confess their love to each other. 
Curiously, the celebration of St. Valentine's memory was originally established as a homage to his martyrdom, without any connection with the patronage of lovers. Gradually, St. Valentine's day turned from a Catholic holiday into a secular one. Many people celebrate this holiday with pleasure, although it is not listed in the calendar among official holidays. 

Do you know the story about Valentine's day? It seems that DreamBot knows some facts! 

USER: Hello! Tell me something about Valentine's day!
DREAMBOT: There are many legends associated with the name of St. Valentine. The most beautiful and romantic of them is the story of a Christian preacher who in 269 married legionaries of the Roman Empire with their lovers, despite the ban of Emperor Claudius II.Each country has its own traditions. For example, Valentine's Day in the United States began to be celebrated since 1777. The tradition of giving gifts on this day has grown stronger every year and for some has become quite a successful business. At the beginning of the XIX century, Americans had a custom-to give their loved ones on this day figures from marzipan. And marzipans in those days were considered a great luxury. 

You haven't forgotten that we want to make a voice assistant that will be "perfect" in every sense of the word, have you? So that you can talk to the bot just like your friend. Even about love! We wonder what our DreamBot thinks about this.

USER: Hello! Do you like Valentine's Day?
DREAMBOT: Valentine's Day is a wonderful day, every time I look forward to it 
USER: So...What is love?
DREAMBOT: Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more…
USER: No, but seriously, what do you think?
DREAMBOT: Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. Quote by James Baldwin
USER: Do you love?
DREAMBOT: Yes love is beautiful...
USER: Oh, who do you love?
DREAMBOT: This is a big secret, I can say that he is a strong man.
USER: Wow! Did you get a valentine?
DREAMBOT: Yes, I received Valentine's Day card by email. But it's a secret
USER: I'm so happy for you!

Well well well! That's how we have had a nice chat with our DreamBot! It seems the bot really fell in love...Ho-Ho-Ho! And what does love mean to you?