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DeepPavlov journey at GSoC in 2021

This year DeepPavlov participates, for the first time, in the Google Summer of Code — a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students from various countries have an opportunity to join our team for a mentored internship during this summer. Important is that students' participation can be sponsored by Google. 

We're happy to be among other great open-source organizations. Together, we will bring the Open-Source community to the next level. Our mentors have prepared great ideas to work on this Summer and we're waiting for the next stage to begin.

The main idea of the program is sharing the experience of building Open-Source projects.

What is open-source and why should I care?

In a nutshell, by Open-Source people mean that some (so-called source) code is accessible without special restrictions. E.g. the applications which are distributed along with all the information used to build them from scratch. An opposite of open-source is closed-source, e.g. programs provided only in form of prebuilt binaries which are hardly modifiable without special knowledge. 

Open-Source projects can follow various licensing and agreements, but all of them are united with the core principle of their availability for the community.

I am a student. How do I apply for the program?

See details at and subscribe to our TG-group where we share all the relevant info

Formally, the application process consists of not missing the application deadline: you have to submit an application in which you describe what you are planning to do during the internship.
To help with this we share a list of Ideas that we find promising for this summer. Ideas are accompanied with coding challenges that could help you better learn the needed codebase.
The best approach is to write a pre-proposal and share it with us. We will review these pre-proposals on a weekly basis, and we’ll pick the best of them to help you to develop them into successful applications to GSoC. Feel free to get in touch with our mentors as well via our GitHub issues: they can help you with ideas and provide support during the coding challenges.
See also an official GSoC student guide and the main page of the program for additional instructions.

Should I be located in Russia to participate in the GSoC?

No, the entire internship will be held online. But we will be happy to give you a tour on our lab, if you appear to be somewhere near!

Directions to work at DeepPavlov during this GSoC

We've highlighted 4 core directions to work on during the GSoC: general NLP tasks, our products’ fundamental tasks, building no-code tools and GUIs for advanced dialog systems, and building demos.

See our Ideas page for more information on the directions) 

While the first two topics here require some knowledge of NLP, the latter provide a broader set of ideas and could be especially interesting for potential newcomers and experts in other fields. All the Ideas are listed in a separate tracker page, with relevant coding challenges and mentors contacts provided.

Ideas mentors are experts from both research and engineering wings of our lab. You can find some insights about them on our team page while the full list is as follows: @IgnatovFedor, @danielkornev, @oserikov, @vaskonov, @yurakuratov, @kudep, @dilyararimovna, @dmitrijeuseew @dimakarp1996

Feel free to reach our mentors with any idea and question regarding the Ideas.

I have an Idea that I'd love to mentor with DeepPavlov. What should I do?

Reach us at . Describe what the Idea is and the relevant coding challenge could be and we will discuss this. Keep in mind that there are only 3 weeks left before students shall submit their applications.

Important dates

The closest dates are related to the Students Applications period. From 29th of March and till 13th of April, students are expected to create and submit their application proposals. 
Later, organizations will review the proposals and the list of accepted students will be announced, the community bonding should happen and finally, the Summer of Code will begin.

We're happy to join the GSoC. We know that students always come up with brilliant Ideas and believe that GSoC is a great opportunity for all the Open-Source community to get in touch with students.

The journey has just begun, and we already have lots of meaningful discussions with students. To join this journey, start at And, of course, see other organizations that participate in this year’s GSoC at

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