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DeepPavlov Community Call #11

Update: DeepPavlov Community Call #11 Recording
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Dear DeepPavlov community,

According to our tradition, we are glad to announce our next DeepPavlov Community Call #11 which will take place next week, including both the English & Russian Editions.

In the upcoming Community Calls we discuss firstly the new version of DeepPavlov v0.16.0, which will be released soon (early August) , and, of course, we will answer your questions.

Second part of both Community Calls will be dedicated to first Evaluation of our GSoC students, who started works in June: 
  • Anastasiia Sedova will present her first part of work on Relation Extraction: the main goal of the project is to provide the user of DeepPavlov Framework with an out-of-box solution for relation extraction. According to this work the user's input would be a text and a config with RE parameters, and relational triples would be the output. Thus, the whole preprocessing, data encoding and model application would happen inside the module, while the overall relation extraction component remains clear and convenient for the user.
  • Niklas Muennighoff will present his first part of work on TripPy + DeepPavlov: this project implements TripPy in DeepPavlov to allow anybody to build fully functional Dialog Bots on top of TripPy architecture leveraging the DeepPavlov ecosystem. Further, the project includes a simple demo in the form of a WeatherBot as well as a more complex chatbot demo built using the new model in DeepPavlov.
  • Anshuman Singh will present his first part of work on Refactor Multi-Task BERT: multi-task BERT is implemented in Tensorflow which we wanted to be transitioned  to PyTorch as part of our broader transition from TF 1.x to PyTorch. The refactored code also needs to incorporate techniques such as PAL-BERT, CA-MTL within the DeepPavlov library by matching the results of the GLUE benchmark on the respective techniques.

But English & Russian Editions of Community Calls will have small differences: 
  • In Russian version, only Anastasiia Sedova will present her work.
  • In English version, all of our GSoC students will present his works.

As always, we are waiting for your suggestions and hope to see them on Calls!

DeepPavlov Community Call #11, Russian Edition (July 28th, 2021)

We’ll hold it on July 28th, 2021 at 5pm MSK (5pm MSK/2 or 3pm UTC depending on DST).
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DeepPavlov Community Call #11, English Edition (July 29th, 2021)

We’ll hold it on July 29th, 2021 at 9am Pacific (7pm MSK/4 or 5pm UTC depending on DST).
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We welcome you to join us at our DeepPavlov Community Call #11 to let us know what you think about the latest changes and tell us how DeepPavlov helps you in your projects!

Agenda for DeepPavlov Community Call #11, Russian Edition:
  • 5:00pm–5:10pm | Greeting
  • 5:10pm–5:25pm | Next DeepPavlov 0.16.0 release 
  • 5:25pm–5:45pm | Anastasiia Sedova: Relation Extraction
  • 5:45pm–6:00pm | Q&A with DeepPavlov Engineering Team

Agenda for DeepPavlov Community Call #11, English Edition (PST):
  • 9:00am–9:10am | Greeting
  • 9:10am–9:20am | Next DeepPavlov 0.16.0 release 
  • 9:20am–9:35am | Anastasiia Sedova: Relation Extraction
  • 9:35am–9:50am | Niklas Muennighoff: TripPy + DeepPavlov
  • 9:50am–10:05am | Anshuman Singh: Refactor Multi-Task BERT
  • 10:05am–10:20am | Q&A with DeepPavlov Engineering Team

In case you’ve missed the last one, we’ve uploaded a record — see the playlist. Check it out!

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