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Learn how to build Knowledge Graph-infused AI Assistants with Deep Pavlov Dream at the Knowledge Graph Conference

On May 6, Daniel Kornev, CPO of DeepPavlov, will give a talk online at the 4th annual Knowledge Graph Conference. This event is community-organized and intended for networking, collaboration, dissemination of new ideas, and learning. Among 1000+ attendees are the top industry experts, developers, researchers, students, and investors  from more than 30 industries and over 40 countries.

The goals of the conference are to showcase major knowledge graph implementations, to educate on how knowledge graphs are built, maintained and used, and to develop a community around technology leaders. Daniel will talk about DeepPavlov Dream, the first open-source academia-built multiskill AI assistant platform that uses KGs in its skills and in the shared memory of the system. You will find out how the team has integrated KGs into the AI Assistant platform, and how you can leverage it in building your own KG-infused AI assistants today.

The Knowledge Graph Conference was founded at Columbia University in 2019 and since then brings together leaders across industry sectors to cover the latest innovation and adoption of knowledge technologies in finance, healthcare, drug discovery, privacy, cyber, media, education, supply chain, and much more. The Knowledge Graph Conference is emerging as the premiere source of learning around knowledge graph technologies. The conference organizers believe that knowledge graphs are an underutilized yet essential force for solving complex societal challenges like climate change, democratizing access to knowledge and opportunity, and capturing business value made possible by advances in AI. To learn more, visit their website.