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Announcing DeepPavlov Community Call #16

Daniel Kornev, CPO of DeepPavlov, will talk about DeepPavlov Dream, the first open-source academia-built multiskill AI assistant platform that uses KGs in its skills and in the shared memory of the system. You will find out how the team has integrated KGs into the AI Assistant platform, and how you can leverage it in building your own KG-infused AI assistants today.
As always, we are waiting for your suggestions and hope to see them on Calls!

DeepPavlov Community Call #16, English Edition (May 26th, 2022)
We’ll hold it on May 26th, 2022 at 16:00 UTC.
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We welcome you to join us at our DeepPavlov Community Call #16 to let us know what you think about the latest changes and tell us how DeepPavlov helps you in your projects!

Agenda for DeepPavlov Community Call #16:
16:00 –16:10 | Greeting
16:10 –16:30 | About DeepPavlov Dream
16:30 –17:00 | DeepPavlov Dream: building knowledge graph-based AI assistants
17:00 –17:30 | Q&A with DeepPavlov Engineering Team

In case you’ve missed the last one, we’ve uploaded a record — see the playlist. Check it out!

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