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Announcing DeepPavlov Community Call #13

Update: DeepPavlov Community Call #13 Recording

Dear DeepPavlov community,

13 is a strange, magic number in some cultures. In France it used to be seen as a lucky number. In some cultures its seen as an unlucky number. I can’t even recall just how many times I’ve been in US skyscrapers which simply omitted this number from their elevators. In the movie “Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road” (better known in Russia than in US), the protagonist had to press both “1” and “3” buttons in the elevator to reach the thirteen floor. In the “13th Floor” movie protagonist learned that he’s living in a simulated reality.

For us at DeepPavlov, it’s also a moment where a year-long cycle ends and a new one begins. And if we want to start a new cycle, we want to learn lessons from our experiences.
Over the year we’ve had 12 Community Calls in English, and 5 in Russian, 17 in total! That’s a commitment to the community from our side.

We learned that while for some people our Community Calls are interesting yet there’s still a gap between us and our audience. While its true that big things have small beginnings, in this case after all this time we’re still in the beginning.

With that, we are going to change a bit our approach to the Community Calls. While the next, 13th Community Call will happen in both languages, the one after it will be in a new format. We will talk about this format in the upcoming call so you’ll have a chance to influence it a bit!

In the upcoming Community Call #13 we will talk about our latest release of DeepPavlov Library, our work on DeepPavlov Dream within the COMMoN School organized by Samsung Russia, and, of course, we will answer your questions.

As always, we are waiting for your suggestions and hope to see them on Calls!

DeepPavlov Community Call #13, Russian Edition (September 29th, 2021)

We’ll hold it on September 29th, 2021 at 5pm MSK (5pm MSK/2 or 3pm UTC depending on DST).
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DeepPavlov Community Call #13, English Edition (September 30th, 2021)

We’ll hold it on September 30th, 2021 at 9am Pacific (7pm MSK/4 or 5pm UTC depending on DST).
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We welcome you to join us at our DeepPavlov Community Call #13 to let us know what you think about the latest changes and tell us how DeepPavlov helps you in your projects!

Agenda for DeepPavlov Community Call #13:

x:00pm–x:10pm | Greeting
x:10pm–x:20pm | Discussing new format for Community Calls in the second Community Calls Cycle
x:20pm–x:50pm | Discussing DeepPavlov Library v0.17 and v0.18
x+1:50pm–x+1:20pm | Discussing DeepPavlov Dream
x+1:20pm–x+1:40pm | Q&A with DeepPavlov Engineering Team

In case you’ve missed the last one, we’ve uploaded a record — see the playlist. Check it out!

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Please let us know and leave a comment with any topics or questions you’d like to hear about!

We can’t promise to cover everything but we’ll do our best later this month or in a future call.
After calling in or watching, please do fill in the survey to let us know if you have any feedback on the format or content:
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