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Open Domain Question Answering Skill on Wikipedia

Task definition

Open Domain Question Answering (ODQA) is a task to find an exact answer to any question in Wikipedia articles. Thus, given only a question, the system outputs the best answer it can find:


What is the name of Darth Vader’s son?


Luke Skywalker


There are pretrained ODQA models for English and Russian languages in DeepPavlov.


The architecture of ODQA skill is modular and consists of two models, a ranker and a reader. The ranker is based on DrQa proposed by Facebook Research (Reading Wikipedia to Answer Open-Domain Questions) and the reader is based on R-Net proposed by Microsoft Research Asia (“R-NET: Machine Reading Comprehension with Self-matching Networks”) and its implementation by Wenxuan Zhou.

Running ODQA

Tensorflow-1.8.0 with GPU support is required to run this model.

About 16 GB of RAM required


The ODQA ranker and ODQA reader should be trained separately. Read about training the ranker in our separate ranker tutorial. Read about training the reader in our separate reader tutorial.


When interacted, the ODQA model returns a plain answer to the user’s question.

Run the following to interact English ODQA:

cd deeppavlov/
python interact deeppavlov/configs/odqa/en_odqa_infer_wiki.json -d

Run the following to interact the ranker:

cd deeppavlov/
python interact deeppavlov/configs/odqa/ru_odqa_infer_wiki.json -d


The ODQA configs suit only model inferring purposes. The ranker config should be used for ranker training and the reader config should be used for reader training.