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Software Engineer (Frontend), Dev Tools/DF Designer

We are looking for Software Engineer (Frontend) to direct DevTools to DeepPavlov.

About us is an academia-born project within the Laboratory of Neural Systems and Deep Learning of MIPT that focuses on Conversational AI. We aim to help developers all over the world create chatbots, dialog systems, and Multiskill and assistants in a faster and easier way. Our technology stack can be used by developers with different experience and levels of training, from beginners to experts in NLP.

DevTools tools help developers create dialog systems in a visual environment (low code, no code) and include: DF Designer, Dream Builder, and Dream Dashboard.


  • Fluency in TypeScript
  • Good understanding of HTML, CSS
  • React + redux or similar state management library


  • Experience in developing VS Code extensions
  • Experience working with the graph

DF Designer

DF Designer is a tool for developing scenario skills for multikill AI assistants and simple bots in a visual environment.
DF Designer was first introduced as a research tool for the rapid creation of scripted conversational skills based on automatic markup of abstract intentions at the CODI 2021 workshop at the top scientific conference EMNLP 2021 in the Dominican Republic in November 2021. After that, the project was transformed into a product of the conversational AI technology stack from DeepPavlov, and as such was presented at conferences: AI Journey 2021, Conversations AI 2021 Winter, OpenTalks AI 2022 and NVIDIA GTC 2022 as a project representing a new approach to the development of scenario skills.

Dream Builder

Dream Builder is a graphical tool for creating and configuring components of the DeepPavlov Dream framework. It is implemented as a web application with React interface and Python backend. The latter is responsible for creating configurations for various Dream components based on user settings, as well as for training and launching these components for testing.

Dream Dashboard

The tool is designed to analyze the operation of the dialog system.

To apply for this Job send your CV to with title: Software Engineer (Frontend), Dev Tools/DF Designer